Geon Hwa Jeong 


Professor, Department of Economics, 

  Hanshin University

Advisor,  Ecological Turn in Education 

  Project of Seoul Metropolitan Office of


Eco.Civ. Korea Co-diretor, Ecological

  Civilization in Korea Conference of


Deputy Director & Trustee,

  The Hope Institute

Trustee, Seoul 50plus Foundation

- Trustee, The Seoul Institute

Won Jae Lee

Trustee / CEO

- Policy Director,

  Future Consensus Institute

- Research Fellow, Samsung Economic 

  Research Institute (SERI)

- President, Hankyoreh Economic

  Research Institute (HERI)

- CEO, The hope Institute

Young Jun Choi


Visiting Fellow, Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath, UK

Assistant/Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, Korea University

Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, Yonsei University

Director, Social Science Research Institute, Yonsei University  

Deputy Director, Institute for Welfare State Research, Yonsei University

Sung Min Cho


Co-founder and CEO, Glance Co

Publisher, Startup Weekly

Sun Young Park


- Professor, Department of Economics,

  Dongguk University

- Assistant Professor, Department of 

  Industrial & Systems Engineering, 


- The Schoen Fellow, International 

  Center for Finance, Yale University

Dong Soo Yang


Trustee, Kakao Impact Foundation

Adviser, Law firm Deoham

President (Establisher), Deoham LLC /  

  Social Economy Law Center

Adjunct Professor, Yonsei University,

  Korea University, Ewha Womans

  University Law School

Youngju Lee Nielsen


Professor, School of Business IMBA,

  Sungkyunkwan University

Advisor, Reserve Management Group of

  Bank of Korea

CIO, Quantavium Capital Management

Professor, Department of Economics,

  Sungkyunkwan University

Dong Hun Lee


- Attorney at law, Partner/ Law firm 


- KDI PIMAC(Public and Private   Infrastructure Investment Management

Wonjae Lee

CEO / Founder

Lee is a journalist and an economic policy expert. He advises President Moon Jae-In in future social policies as a Member of Presidential Committee on Aging Society and Population Policy in the Korean government.

His main interests are how business and work will change through digital transformation and what are policy alternatives to mitigate its negative impact and maximize its positive impact. He writes columns for various newspapers and magazines in Korea. 

He earned an MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).


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